Tempered glass SPIGEN GLAS.TR SLIM do SAMSUNG S23 transparent

Tempered glass SPIGEN GLAS.TR SLIM do SAMSUNG S23 transparent


EAN: 8,8099E+12 Catégorie :

Crystal clear Spigen tempered glass with the widest possible punching die dedicated to the case.

Glas.TR perfectly reproduces the displayed colors and does not affect the sensitivity of the touch. It is made of processed and reinforced 0.2 mm tempered glass. It has a surface hardness of 9H, therefore it is extremely scratch-resistant even in contact with sharp objects (e.g. keys). In addition, it is covered with a special nano-coating that protects the screen against prints and other impurities. Installation is extremely easy and accessible to all users.

*The glass has the widest possible Case Friendly punching die, which means it will be compatible with most cases on the market and with any Spigen cases.

**Due to the various milling of the display edges, after installing the protector/glass on the screen, a delicate air halo may form around it. This is a natural situation and it depends on the phone's model.


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