PILES ALKALINE VARTA R3 (AAA) 4 pcs Longlife Power

PILES ALKALINE VARTA R3 (AAA) 4 pcs Longlife Power


EAN: 4,0085E+12 Catégorie :

Longlife Varta batteries with increased capacity and efficiency compared to standard alkaline batteries. Batteries have a long service life. They prove themselves especially in devices with constant and low energy demand, such as remote controls, wall clocks or radios. Longlife Varta batteries are distinguished by a long operating time and reliable energy supply. "Single Press Out" ensures easy opening of the package and convenient storage of unused batteries VARTA is one of the world's leading battery manufacturers. Technical specification: VARTA TYPE: 4103 IEC marking: LR03 Cell size: AAA Diameter: 10.5 mm Height: 44.5 mm Weight: 11.3 g Electrochemical System: Alkaline Manganese Battery (ZN / MNO2) Voltage: 1.5V


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