LCD iPhone 12 / 12 Pro AVEC VITRE TACTILE NOIR (HiPix Incell)

LCD iPhone 12 / 12 Pro AVEC VITRE TACTILE NOIR (HiPix Incell)


The HiPix display made in Incell technology guarantees full iPhone functionality and excellent brightness and visibility of the screen from any angle. The most modern technological solutions were used in the production process to obtain a Super Premium product. The HiPix display perfectly adapts to the dedicated iPhone model thanks to the highest precision of workmanship. Incell technology, in which the screen was made, consists in integrating the touch panel with the LCD in order to achieve a thin structure of the display. In addition, it makes the touch of the screen work even when the outer glass breaks. The product is free from discoloration and dead pixels. The display provides high screen brightness and visibility from any angle - even in strong sunlight. Perfect polarization guarantees excellent sharpness of vision also in sunglasses. The product is CE and ROHS certified.


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