Futerał Gear4 EverestKick do SAMSUNG S23 5G czarny

Futerał Gear4 EverestKick do SAMSUNG S23 5G czarny


EAN: 8,40056E+11 Catégorie :

EverestKick is a series of cases distinguished by unrivaled durability.

It provides 100% phone resistance to the effects of falls from a height of up to 6 m! This effect was achieved by using the innovative D30 material as an additional reinforcement on the back and in the corners of the case. The built-in stand with full stability keeps the phone in a vertical position at a comfortable angle for the eye, making it easier to watch movies or series.

The Gear4 case is equipped with antibacterial technology that inhibits the growth of odor-causing bacteria by destroying 99.9% of surface bacteria, thus providing protection against degradation by microorganisms.

The non-slip, textured finish used in EverestKick makes the phone securely held in the hand. This solution guarantees a secure grip even when wearing gloves or in difficult conditions.


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