CHARGEUR NOK 6101/N70/N95 Forcell

CHARGEUR NOK 6101/N70/N95 Forcell


The highest quality Forcell travel charger. It allows to charge mobile devices very quickly. The charger is a combination of unique pattern and the highest quality electronics. It has a special system which protects from overheating and surges. The charger is fully compliant with the CE, LVD and RoHS standards. All necessary research was made in Polish laboratory. It is compatible with NOK 3250/NOK 6101/NOK 6103/NOK 6111/NOK 6270/NOK 6280/NOK 7360/NOK 7370/NOK E61/NOK N70/NOK N71/NOK N80/NOK N90/NOK N91. Input voltage: 230V Output voltage: 5V Maximum current: Frequency: 50-60Hz Length of cable: approx. 120cm Colour of charger:White and black Colour of cable: Black


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