CARTE MEMOIRE IMRO microSDHC 64 GO CLASSE 10 UHS avec adaptateur

CARTE MEMOIRE IMRO microSDHC 64 GO CLASSE 10 UHS avec adaptateur


EAN: 5,90277E+12 Catégorie :

A memory card in a compact MicroSD size with an SD adapter. It is characterized by a fast read and write time and a lifetime warranty. The IMRO card of the Polish manufacturer was built on the highest quality components. Thanks to its small dimensions, it is characterized by minimal energy consumption. The memory card allows you to store a large number of files. It offers great value for money: for a small price, you can save all the necessary files, even high-definition video. SDHC cards look almost identical to SD cards, but can store much larger amounts of data. They meet the requirements of modern digital cameras, video cameras and media players. The SD adapter included in the set extends the possibilities of application. Thanks to one purchase, we can obtain a MicroSD and SD card at the same time. Thanks to it, file transfers between devices will be even more convenient. SDHC cards support MPEG-4 video compression standard and related standards commonly used in HD Video, DVD, SVCD, DVR and Digital TV devices. - Data carrier: music, photos, movies - High speed data transfer - Low energy consumption: voltage 2.7V ~ 3.6V - Working temperature: 0 C to 60 C - Storage temperature: -22 C to 85 C


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