BASEUS minuterie rotative magnétique Heyo ACDJS-01

BASEUS minuterie rotative magnétique Heyo ACDJS-01


EAN: 6,95316E+12 Catégorie :

The elegant BASEUS timer is a must-have in every home - it effectively counts the time and facilitates all activities that require precise timing. The large screen allows you to read data from a distance, and the three volume modes will allow us to personalize the accessory to our own needs. The timer is adjusted by turning its housing. It can count down to 99 minutes and 55 seconds in this way. The countdown sound can be set to 3 alarm sound levels: from OFF to 90 db. A simple switch is located on the back of the case. Built-in magnets allow for convenient mounting and moving the stopwatch to any place. Winner of the international design award Golden Pin Design Award. Specification: Material: ABS Time range: 0-99 minutes, 0-55 seconds Volume: mute 0db, low volume 60-70 db, high volume 80-90 db Voltage: 4.5V Power: 3x AAA batteries Size: 78 * 78 * 27.5 mm Weight: 90 g


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